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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/February 12 2010

Dali Weekly Meeting



New Topics

  • Usability review for new 1-M mapping UI and other relationship mappings.

Old Topics

  • Java EE / SE project creation
    • Build for EE but test for SE by overriding persistence unit properties in code
  • JAXB and SDO related support - Probably makes sense to utilize EclipseLink for these generation services. This could be a pluggable runtime feature (like DDL Gen). Should there be a JAXB/SDO Platform concept? What should we try to accomplish for Helios as this seems like it could get very big (just to support generation use cases).
    • Keep it simple, but would be nice to have platform for consistency. Generic capability to pass params would be useful for the various gen options.

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Neil to set up meeting to review metamodel gen with runtime
  • Shaun to send Paul some Dali SE projects (done)
  • Shaun to file bug on derived id validation (done)