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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/December 04 2009

Dali Weekly Meeting


  • Neil
  • Brian
  • Karen
  • Shaun
  • Tran


New Topics

  • Should JPA 2.0 be enabled for Java 1.5 facet?
    • Metamodel @Generated is a problem in this case, otherwise running in 1.5 shouldn't be a problem.
    • (Shaun) should just not use @Generated in 1.5 faceted projects, only use in 1.6 - would need to change logic to recognize metamodel without relying on @Generated annotation
    • (Neil) we should try to support this case unless we determine some technical reason or functional reason why we cannot. Appears to be doable.
  • What should the preselected Facet configuration be (JPA1.0 or JPA2.0 or calculated(if that is even possible))?
    • (Shaun) Not completely obvious. Shaun will go back and do some research, but lets default to JEE 6 JPA 2.0 JDK 1.6 for now.
    • (Shaun) we could also add configuration for JPA 2.0 w/ Java 1.5 and 1.6,
  • Can we need to remove the Utility Facet? What are the implications? What is the desired use case for SE and EE scenarios?
    • Let's talk about this more next week when Paul is back.
  • M5 planning

Old Topics

  • JPA 1.0 to 2.0 Migration - How can we improve the migration experience without being overbearing?
    • Some may wish to continue to use their 1.0 level artifacts, or will be stuck with them in a jar

Could be 2 phases:

Phase 1 - Add "Migrate XML documents" checkbox to current Facet change "Further Configuration..." dialog that will search for and upgrade persistence.xml and orm.xml and eclipselink-orm.xml (based on platform) as a part of the facet change.

Phase 2 - Add a new menu item on JPA project JPA Tools menu that will open a similar wizard, but won't require users to find the facet properties page.

We should probably just move straight to phase 2 at this point.

Next Meeting

Action Items

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