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Dali Meeting Minutes/Minutes20100622

Dali Indigo (3.0) Planning Meeting

June 22nd, 2010

Attendees: Neil, Karen, Shaun, Paul, Brian, Tran


  • Utility Facet removal/Project creation
  • OSGi/Maven support
  • JAXB/MOXy support
  • Refactoring
  • Quick Fixes

Utility Facet removal/Project creation

  • Module Facet Removal
  • Multiple project wizards (2) in the New menu
    • JPA EE Project -
    • JPA Project – customized first page, no “add to EAR” option
    • Other user option to add JPA facet to other projects
    • Other feature, ability to add non EE JPA project to an EAR. Probably not the best idea. Deployment assembly takes care of this well.
  • Open Issue: When adding a project to an EAR via Deployment assembly, how do you manage the dependent libraries of that project, as they would be configured differently in the EE context.

JAXB/MOXy support

  • Facets
    • JAXB 2.2 Facet
    • Platforms
      • Generic
      • MOXy
    • Projects
      • New JAXB category
      • JAXB Project
        • Library Provider
        • Downloadable libraries
  • Possible functional tiers
    • Wizards only
    • + model, (XML) validation for Generic
    • + model, XML, validation for MOXy
    • + Code assist
    • + Project Explorer content, structure view
    • + refactoring, quick fixes, etc
    • + Details view for MOXy and Generic
  • Issues
    • Java project support – do we remove this when facet is added? No…if wizard is invoked on a plain Java project, we will lead them through process to configure and add JAXB facet.
    • How do we know what is being mapped? Ignore non-annotated entities (unless they are mapped in XML for MOXy case).
    • Should we call XJC by name?
    • Generic platform – Generic or Metro?
    • XJC should be shipped with Dali so it is always available, assuming this can be done with dependency issues.
    • Perhaps we need a workspace level setting to identify XJC for this workspace.
    • Separate details and structure view from JPA?
    • Does the MOXy XML mapping file override JAXB annotations, and if so at what granularity?
    • jaxb.index file can list mapped classes, one for each package
    • Adapter
    • Nested mappings, wildcards
    • Metro has a few custom annotation

OSGi/Maven support

  • Resource locator should solve most our OUR problems
  • PDE UI needs to evolve to support other OSGi requirements
  • Need to deal with how we build java vs XML resources, based on location. May need to change current design.
  • Open issues - priorities


  • Refactoring
  • Deletes
    • Leave references when making deletes, ala JDT
    • Package element is lower priority
  • Would be great to support altering queries with the refactoring.
  • Merging
  • Delete/Rename/Move Entities tier 1
  • Delete/Rename/Move Attributes tier 2

Quick Fixes

  • Quick Fixes
  • Labor intensive to do right – should support a core set of quick fixes that are high value first

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