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Dali Meeting Minutes/Dali3.0 Iteration0

Dali 3.0 Iteration 0 Planning


  • Theme for next major release will be JPA 2.0 Support
    • JPA 2.0 features will have the highest priority
    • If there is time left we will determine fine grained priority of core Dali and EclispeLink specific features in the backlog
  • The next major release will be version 3.0, to signify the addition of major new end user and adopter facing functionality
  • Limitations that will continue to exist in the next release
    • Multiple PU support (this wasn't discussed, but I just thought of it)
    • EclipseLink Mapping File overrides of Generic XML Mapping File
    • exclude-default-mapping support
  • We need to escalate our EMF XML translator issues
    • We continue to have fairly severe bugs in this framework and need to determine if there is something we can do about this
  • Need to investigate the possibility of removing utility module dependency and perhaps look for contributions in this area
  • Investigate what Oracle product contributions are possible for 3.0 (ie Entity Diagram, Automap, etc)
  • Some discussion on when JPA 2.0 spec will be complete but no concrete information
  • Discussed automatic configuration of annotation processor for JPA 2.0 generated metamodel when selecting EclipseLink platform - Probably need to have a separate meeting on this.
  • Schedule 3.0 planning meeting – July 13th
  • Need to review JPA 2.0 Backlog items a little more before we commit to the first iteration, review and discuss tomorrow
    • Karen is going to look into Nested Embeddable and dot notation, Paul is going to look at derived id support
  • Need to enter bug to handle changing level of error for current Dali problems
  • Support different orm.xml schema levels in newer (JPA 2.0) platforms, and we will show the UI associated with schema level. Also, there will be a warning indicating that an older schema level is being used, and that some JPA 2.0 level may not be available as a result.
  • Need to determine whether or not we will continue to support EL 1.1.x platform when 2.0 platform is available.

Iteration 0

  • Karen
    • Generic JPA 2.0 orm resource model bug 279467 (Complete)
    • Support additional mapping types in Embeddables 258491 (In progress)
    • Nested Embeddables 258497
    • Dot notation 258528
  • Paul
    • New JPA Facet version bug 279475 (Complete)
    • Platform version 262663 (Deferred)
    • Investigate dependency on utility facet 234383 (Investigation complete)
    • Derived Identities 258689 (in progress)
  • Tran
    • Branch for 2.2.1 (Complete)
    • New persistence unit properties 258538
    • Add catalog and schema to Sequence Generator 258523 (In progress)
    • Orphan-removal support 258533
  • Brian
    • Infinite update 278947 (Complete)
    • Model UI sync 272752 (Complete)
    • Additional JUnit test binary support (In progress)
    • Verify MySQL support (complete)

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