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Dali Extension Requirements Meeting: 1-24-07

Attendees: Max Andersen (JBoss), Karen Moore (Oracle), Paul Fullbright (Oracle),Tran Le (Oracle), Neil Hauge (Oracle), Shaun Smith (Oracle), Adrian Goerler (SAP), Dimiter Dimitrov (SAP)

  • DDL Generation (Delegate this)
    • pass connection information from DTP to runtime
    • getConnection() API
    • also a way to just generate SQL
  • Entity Generation
    • Where is the connection, they will do the rest
  • Annotation extensions
    • for example- org.hibernate.annotations.Entity
    • need to support fully qualified annotations
    • hibernate annotations are additions to JPA annotations
  • hook into details view tabs in the UI
  • Validation
    • Have to be able to “invalidate” spec validation
      • Could be different defaults
      • Could be in the case of extra validations
    • Validation needs to delegate somehow to vendor extensions
  • Persistence.xml
    • Hibernate specific configuration – properties section need to be flexible for UI and code completion
  • Vendor orm.xml
    • Ties for validation
    • Defaults context model may be able to be altered
    • Hibernates most desired
      • Short term - All validation should be able to be extended by someone outside of Dali who would have the final word – this shouldn't require adapting Dali model
      • Advanced case - Vendor Mapping file but no annotations – load mapping file into our model, marked somehow that we are using a given vendor, references could be tied.
  • Persistence.xml probably more important than the orm.xml in terms of extension
  • May want to ask where an Entity is defined
  • Main thing – can’t add hibernate annotation in the tooling currently due to confusion by Dali tools
  • SAP has many of the same requirements
    • DDL generation - This is not going to be directly supported via Dali, but we will provide hooks into a given runtime
    • Persistence.xml extention
    • Entity Generation extension – lots of options for column to java type, this should be easily user configurable if possible
    • Hook into JPQL query validator - provide platform specific query validation
    • Perhaps we could take the code from Essentials to help with JPQL validation
  • Using APT to help validate Named queries, Max could contribute code to validate named queries, up to the actual validation part.

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