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Dali 3.2 Release

Dali 3.2

Dali 3.2 Release Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.2 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
356226 [EclipseLink] 2.4 platform support including eclipselink-orm.xsd Select Window > Preferences Preferences dialog appears
... ... Go to Java > Build Path > User Libraries and Select New New User Library dialog appears
... ... Enter EclipseLink 2.4 for the name and click on OK EclipseLink 2.4 appears in Defined user libraries list
... ... Click on Add JARs... button, Select all the .jars for EL 2.4 and click on Open All selected files appear under the EclipseLink 2.4 user library
... ... Click OK to close preferences dialog, Select New > JPA project New JPA Project dialog appears
... ... Enter name, select 2.0 for JPA version and click on Next twice JPA Facet - Configure JPA setting page appears. Verify EclipseLink 2.4.x appears in Platform drop down
... ... Select EclipseLink 2.4.x and click on finish button JPA 2.0, EL 2.4 project is created successfully without error
... ... R-click on the project and select New > EclipseLink ORM Mapping File, leave defaults and click on Finish eclipselink-orm.xml file is created and appears in the editor. Verify the version appears as 2.4 on the design tab and on the Source Tab