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Dali 3.2 RC1

Dali 3.2

Dali 3.2 RC1 Release Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.2 RC1 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
369684 Create JAXB Project, Create JAXB Classes from schema, Close project Receive NPE Error Create JAXB Project 2.1 project using Generic platform JAXB Project is created successfully
... ... Create JAXB Classes from a schema JAXB Classes are created successfully
... ... R-click on the project and select Close Project Verify the project closes without error in error log
... ... Open the JAXB Project Verify no errors appear in Error log
... ... Remove the classes that were generated from the schema Classes were removed without error
... ... Create one class Class is created successfully
... ... Close the JAXB Project Verify the project closes without error in the error log
... ... Open the JAXB Project Verify project opens without error
... ... Remove the class and then close the project Verify the project closes without error in the error log
... ... Delete the JAXB project Verify project is deleted successfully without error in error log.
379021 JPA Structure view shows empty node with Generic JPA project Create JPA 2.0 Generic project Project is created successfully
... ... R-Click on Project and select New > JPA ORM Mapping file New Mapping file dialog appears
... ... Leave defaults and click on Finish button orm.xml mapping file is created successfully
... ... Open persistence.xml in editor, Expand Persistence in JPA Structure pane Verify all nodes in struture tree have labels (There should be 3 - Persistence, JPA Project Name and META-INF/orm.xml)
... ... Change the Project from Generic to EclipseLink and add the EclipseLink ORM mapping file Verify the struture pane is updated and the eclipselink-orm mapping file label appears for the last node
379051 Rename a class with java queries that is listed in the orm.xml, cannot fix jpql query validation errors Import the Example project that is attached to this bug Project is imported successfully. If errors exist check the properties and verify you have the correct JPA library selected.
... ... Open the Foo.java entity in the editor Entity opens successfully
... ... R-Click on the Foo entity and select Refactor > Rename Rename Compilation Unit dialog appears
... ... Change the New name to Bar and click on Finish Name is updated and validation error appears for the namedQuery which is correct
... ... In the editor change 'select a from Foo a' to be 'select a from Bar a' and Save Verify the validation error is removed and JPA Details Query is updated to Bar
379833 JAXB Classes from Schema: NPE when no project selected in project explorer Do not select any open project, Select File > New > Other > JAXB > JAXB Classes from Schema... and click on the Next button Verify NPE does not appear in Error log