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Dali 3.1 RC3

Dali 3.1

Dali 3.1 RC3 Manual Testing

Steps to install 3.1 RC3 are same as Dali 3.1 M3

Manual Testing for 3.1 RC3 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
364408 Unable to create JPA project with orm.xml containing many-to-one with a join-column Create a JPA Project with orm.xml file JPA Project is created successfully
... ... Create a JPA Entity that looks like the following -

package model;

import java.lang.Integer; import java.lang.String; import javax.persistence.*;


public class Foo {

@Id private Integer id; private String bar;

public Foo() { super(); } public Integer getId() { return this.id; }

public void setId(Integer id) { this.id = id; } public String getBar() { return this.bar; }

public void setBar(String bar) { this.bar = bar; }


Class is created successfully
... ... Add the entity to the orm.xml mapping file Foo Entity is added successfully
... ... Add the bar field to the orm.mapping file as a Many-to-One type, In JPA details check the Override Default checkbox for Join columns, Save the project Verify bar is added to mapping file and no errors appear
... ... Clean the project (Project>Clean) Verify project is cleaned and no errors appear in the Error Log