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Dali 3.1Planning/Backlog

Dali Feature Backlog (Juno)


EclipseLink JAXB

  • Build core tooling support for EclipseLink JAXB
    • XML Mapping File
    • Extended Mappings

EclipseLink JPA

JPA 2.0

Core functionality

  • Enhance Validation (medium-high priority)
    • Conflicting mapping annotations - Basic and One to One on same attribute; resource model validation
  • Enhance inheritance support (change strategies mid hierarchy) 141528 (eclipselink related - lower priority)
  • Support Callbacks 198985 (Low Priority)
  • Multiple Persistent Unit support (Non-overlapping – classes must be listed in persistence.xml) 194833 (3.0?)
  • Better support for EAR development
  • Support XML files in Jars

Usability/Integration (take further advantage of Eclipse integration)

  • Tabbed Properties integration (not currently possible, but still fighting the good fight)
  • Additional participation in Java Refactoring 136333 (higher priority)
    • Refactor JPQL queries (high)
  • Autosync between project and persistence.xml 141421 (medium priority)
  • JPA Metadata Conversion (annotation -> XML) 138622(high)
  • Quick Fixes
  • JPQL Query Editor
  • Add ability to run JPQL queries
  • JPA orm.xml content assist


  • API
    • Move from provisional to public where possible (high)
  • Entity Generation extensibility 175177 (Help Wanted)

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