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Dali 3.0 RC1

Dali QA Testing

Dali 3.0 RC1 Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.0 RC1 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
312444 Java Persistence errors/warnings preferences Restore Defaults does not always work Select Windows>Preferences Preferences dialog appears
... ... Select Java Persistence > JPA > Errors/Warnings Errors / Warnings page appears
... ... Change some of the error/warning and then click on Restore Defaults Verify the Default values appear
... ... Change some values again and click on the Apply button. Verify changes are saved
... ... Close the dialog and then reopen the dialog Verify the changed values are still there
... ... Click on Restore Defaults Verify the original values are restored
342172 Add Hermes JPQL parser source to SDK's build Download latest wtp build and look in eclipse\plugins directory Verify org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jpql.source_ ...jar file exists
344170 [Validation] The class of struct converter is not validated against the right interface Create a JPA 1.0 EclipseLink 1.0.x project Project is created successfully
... ... Create an Entity with a few attributes Entity is created successfully
... ... Select the entity in JPA structure, Expand Converters in JPA Details, Check the Struct checkbox, Enter a Name for the struct and a Class Error appears stating - The struct converter class "foo" does not implement the org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database.converters.StructConverter interface
345609 Need to add about.html to doc plugin Download latest wtp build, open eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.jpt.jpadialgrameditor.doc.user_...jar file Verify about.html file exists

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