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Dali 1.0M6 Plan

Work items for M6

This list should be mirrored in Bugzilla, target milestone M6.

orm.xml support catch-up from M5

  • defaults, mappings, etc - Karen


  • Defaults from java in XML - Karen (related to above)
  • remove need to define classses in persistence.xml

AccessType in XML - Karen (related to above)

Validation - Paul

  • orm.xml
  • source ranges
  • new java rules

Annotation Framework

  • Bring over tests - Brian
  • Fix issue with Enums - Brian


  • Expand on core tests - Brian
  • fix problem with test deletion if possible

Project Configuration - Paul

  • classpath configuration; SE vs EE; jsf style libraries
  • Datasource config, platform based configuration
  • deployment

DB Access

  • schema, catalog selection - Tran
  • updating from changes in the DTP -Tran

Entity Generation

  • Provide a mechanism for extension


  • Expand on Platform extension story

Package/Plugin rename

  • also include interal tags - Paul

Persistence.xml support

  • Add the Entity sync action

0.5 parity in annotations and XML

  • inheritance
  • secondary tables
  • attrbute overrides
  • embedded/embeddable
  • version mapping
  • one to one
  • generators - Tran
  • optional attribute
  • orderBy attribute

POST M6 (if necessary)

  • fully qualified annotations - Brian
  • Correct problems for M:M
  • able to scpecify schema/catalog in all applicable places
  • UI Extension story
  • DDL Generation story?

Project Explorer

  • context based content?

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