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DTP Project Lead Meeting Minutes: October 5, 2009

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  • Brian "Fitz" Fitzpatrick (Red Hat)
  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)
  • Hemant Kolwalkar (IBM)


  • The PMC will work on the Helios project plan during the PMC meeting tomorrow
  • Fitz said that Larry Dunnell (IBM) will no longer be involved with the DTP project. This leaves a gap in coverage for the Connectivity project. Brian P. will find out whether anyone else from IBM will be working on Connectivity in Larry's place
  • Hemant said he still needs to look into the Modelbase defect that has a target of 1.7.2
  • Fitz said that as of the last time he checked, the Sybase was on track for delivering the doc source files to DTP by the end of October