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DTP Connectivity Project Committers Meeting Minutes: September 25, 2007


Larry Dunnel Linda Chan Brian Fitzpatrick


  • General Status
  • Larry issues


  • Larry will create a new BZ entry and add it to the Wiki to handle the creation of an API/extension point for custom driver associated UIs. This new functionality will be added to connectivity.ui and utilized in the enablement projects, but since it is framework-related, it should be in connectivity.ui to be also available to the derby plug-ins.
  • Larry will create a new BZ entry to change how we view the Generic JDBC profile to limit it to just those databases without customized db definitions. We will set it to Future to be considered in a post-Ganymede timeframe.
  • Brian will investigate how Sybase is using the profile selection components internally to help with Larry's refactoring effort
  • Linda will work on determining which DTP plug-ins the BIRT RCP distribution uses so we don't accidentally add new dependencies and break RCP applications. This will be added to [BZ 202644[1]]

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