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DTP Connectivity Project Committers Meeting Minutes: November 9, 2006

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Discussed API Readiness:

  1. API Declaration
    • Refactoring of SQM plugins nearly complete
    • Core complete
    • ODA plugins complete
    • Question about sqlParser extension point and supporting API
  2. Documentation
    • Need to review SQM plugins
    • Need to review core plugins (mostly complete)
    • ODA plugins complete
  3. Unit Tests
    • Create tracking BZ entries for classes/interfaces in core/SQM plugins
    • Linda will be tracking status of ODA plugins

Recent work completed (or near completion):

  • Better support for drivers that require native libraries
  • Specialized UI for Derby connection profile (near completion)
  • Refactoring for public API (moving from internal to public packages; near completion)
  • Wiki page created for discussing usability of connectivity

Action Items

  • Rob: Compile list of public API packages/classes for John by 11/15.
  • Rob: Clarify handling of any non-API classes in public packages.
    • 11/13 - No action is necessary. Public API are defined at the class level, not the package level. This means any classes which are not public, should not be included in the public API declaration, regardless of which package contains them.
  • Rob: Clarify unit test requirements for UI components.
    • 11/13 - A best effort should be made to create tests for these components.
  • Rob: Coordinate with SQL Development Tools team regarding SQL parser extension mechanism.
    • 11/13 - A BZ entry will be created to discuss the issue. This will not be public API for 1.0.
  • Rob: Track status of Javadoc completion for core and SQM plugin APIs.
  • Rob: Track status of unit test completion for core and SQM plugin APIs.
  • Linda: Track status of unit test completion for ODA plugin APIs.


  • Rob Cernich
  • Larry Dunnel
  • Linda Chan

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