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DTP Connectivity Project Committers Meeting Minutes: January 28, 2008


Brian Fitzpatrick

Larry Dunnell

Linda Chan


  • Current Status
  • Discussion about patch/BZ reviews and some standards
  • Discussion about the IDriverValuesProvider class
  • Bugs To Discuss



To Do

Review Process

Will add some process for reviews. When we request a review from another committer, decide how long to wait for the review. If it's a simple change, request 1 week. If it's more complicated, give two weeks. After that, provide a warning to the reviewer (and your team lead) saying that you're going to deliver it within 2 days. If that still doesn't spawn a response, go ahead and deliver it. We can roll it back if needed.

If waiting on reviews from IBM folks, we can ask Larry to help that process along from his end also.

BZ Entries

Pushed off to next release due to significant API impact

Linda is looking at this this week

Larry will wait to M6

Driver Values Provider Discussion

1. Add property to driverTemplateOverride extension also.

2. The only property that the class shouldn't be able to provide a value for is the valuesProvider attribute itself.

3. We need to add the ability to override a driverTemplateOverride by ID.

4. We also need the ability to prioritize driverTemplateOverrides. 3 and 4 are related and required to handle conflicts.

Larry's Repository/Profile Injection Discussion

1. Need the ability to inject one or more profiles at startup (and react to changes after startup).

2. Larry will update the BZ entry with specific use cases.

3. Determine how BIRT is shipping a Derby driver. Is it in Orbit? Ask John

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