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TmL VNC Viewer Component


This area addresses the task related with the VNC Viewer Component

Team Members

Member Company Status Acronym
Fábio Fantato Eldorado Research Institute Committer FF
Daniel Franco Eldorado Research Institute Committer (Owner) DF
Otavio Ferranti Eldorado Research Institute Contributor OF
Eric Cloninger Motorola Committer EC
Christian Kurszke Motorola Committer CK


# Bug Summary Owner Description/Comments DueDate Status
1 221793 Implementation of the several encodings, performance enhancement etc DF Eugene from Montavista contributed with this code. We already analysed this code and waiting fot PMC approval before upload it Q2/2008 Ongoing
2 221741 Support to VNC Protocol Extension DF Contributed: change in existent components and added: org.eclipse.tml.protocol, org.eclipse.tml.echo
A new component was added in vnc viewer: TmL Protocol
May 20,2008 Closed
3 221731 Fix Inheritance of SWTRemoteDisplay DF -- Q3/2008 New
4 221742 Add additional stuff to the VNC Protocol DF -- Q4/2008 New

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