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DSDP/TML/Device Framework Status 0.2


TmL Device Framework Component


This area addresses the task related with the VNC Viewer Component

Team Members

Member Company Status Acronym
Fábio Fantato Eldorado Research Institute Committer FF
Daniel Franco Eldorado Research Institute Committer DF
Otavio Ferranti Eldorado Research Institute Contributor (Owner) OF
Eric Cloninger Motorola Committer EC
Christian Kurszke Motorola Committer CK


# Bug Summary Owner Description/Comments DueDate Status
1 #221733 Refine core functionalities of Device OF Patch applied in CVS Q2/2008 Done
2 #221736 Support New device instance wizard OF Otavio is working to improve the wizard mechanism Q2/2008 Ongoing
3 #221739 Improvements to State machine OF We are investigating to change the implementation to OSGi architecture. Q3/2008 New
4 #221740 Sample implementation for Linux host OF - Q4/2008 New
5 #221737 Sample implementation for ST demo board OF - Q4/2008 New
6 no bug Create a document to define better the integration between TM and TML FF -- Q3/2008 New
7 no bug Review and publish the whitepaper with the current architecture FF TmL Architecture pdf 29-May-08 Done
8 no bug New Architecture FF FF is starting a initial brainstorm session to discuss the new architecture and we will share this discussion with the community. Q2/2008 Ongoing

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