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DSDP/TML/Contribution 221741


Bugzilla: [221741]
CQ: [2311]

The request was sent out to the PMC Mailing List on May 15h 2008: [1]

Summary of the voting process (May 19th, 2008)

Martin Oberhuber +1 [2]
dave russo +1 [3]
Doug Gaff +1 [4]
Pawel +1 [5]
Rogalski +1 [6]
Christian Kurzke +1 [7]

According to Martin the figure 2 in Eclipse Legal process does not require an CQ for this contribution because Fabio Rigo is employee for Eldorado and the code was done under supervision of PMC and EPL requirements.
Written 100% by employees of the same employer as the Submitting Committer: (a) under the supervision of the PMC; and (b) where the employer has signed a Member Committer Agreement.
(Figure 2, top left on )

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