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DSDP/TML/Common Status


TmL General Activities and Common Framework


This area addresses the task related with the common framework responsible for i18n, logging and exception mechanism of TmL. All activities not specific for other components are listed here.

Team Members

Member Company Status Acronym
Fábio Fantato Eldorado Research Institute Committer FF
Daniel Franco Eldorado Research Institute Committer DF
Otavio Ferranti Eldorado Research Institute Contributor OF
Eric Cloninger Motorola Committer EC
Christian Kurszke Motorola Committer CK


# Bug Summary Owner Description/Comments DueDate Status
1  ?????? Discuss new roadmap for 2008-2009 FF It is under discussion on the mailing list and the discussion are compiled in [1] Q2/2008 Ongoing
2 [232865] Commiter election for Daniel Franco and Eric Cloninger FF/CK Both were already approved by PMC and we are waiting webmaster provisioning. Daniel´s account is Ok, but the Eric accounts was not created yet. There are a bug opened to verify it. Q2/2008 Ongoing
3  ?????? Commiter election for Otavio Ferranti FF Otavio is a new member in TmL project and he is working with us since March,2008. We are waiting for his first relevant contribution to start his election for committer. Q2/2008 New
4  ?????? Tutorial showing how to creating TmL plugins FF It is under development. The first version can be found in [2] Q2/2008 Ongoing
5  ?????? Planning to follow train release after Ganimede FF Fabio and Eric are verifying what steps is necessary to keep aligned with the next release train Q2/2008 New
6  ?????? Planning the integration with LiMO Strategy CK/FF We are discussing this strategy and we are put in wiki a document to ilustrate this. Q2/2008 New
7  ?????? Prepare material to submit to FROSCON FF Froscon 2008. We need choose a topic for this events and check if will be availability to send anyone there. End of June New
8  ?????? Participate in FROSCON 2008 FF/CK Froscon 2008 August 2008 New
9  ?????? Research and write an document to ilustrate the future integration with VPP FF Q3/2008 New
10  ?????? Prepare material to submit to Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 FF [] Q3/2008 New
11  ?????? Participate in Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 FF/CK [] Q4/2008 New

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