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DSDP/Packaging/Meetings/March 5 2009

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  • Bob Frankel, Dave Russo, Martin Oberhuber


  • Martin Results
    • According to Mike M, we can have an project with the intended scope
    • Proposal + Newsgroup can be ready by Eclipsecon
    • CDT already has a p2 toolchain installer as optional component; Wascana uses this to materialize mingw and libs from their original site; Read Doug Schaefers Blog about the details
    • Creating an SF project is simple - Wascana Project page, Wascana Homepage
  • Bob Results
    • Bob applied for Sourceforge project in parallel (not yet provisioned) - may be helpful for first steps
  • Questions and ideas
  • Scope of the project is
    • Bringing Communities together
    • Evangelizing Eclipse as the Framework for the overall embedded Platform
    • Enabling external sites to become distros of their stuff (Silicon Vendors, ...)
    • This is a slightly different direction than originally proposed (but it's cool!)

Action Items

  • Ok green.gif Martin to rearrange Wiki contents such that proposal can fit in there
  • Bob to create initial proposal based on templates already supplied by Martin
  • Ok green.gif Martin to E-Mail Mike and Bjorn asking when proposal needs to be ready such that
  • Martin to create initial EclipseCon talk slide, about history of the project; compare and contrast to EPP; highlight the different obstacles to address.

Next Meeting

  • Will follow up mostly by E-Mail.
  • Reserved Friday Mar 13 at 9am PST for a meeting (likely not needed).

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