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DSDP/Packaging/Meetings/Jan 26 2009

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  • Wayne Parrot, Genuitec
  • Eric Cloninger, Motorola
  • Bob Frankel, TI
  • Dave Russo, TI
  • Doug Gaff, Wind River
  • Martin Oberhuber, Wind River
  • Doug Schaefer, Wind River


  • Martin gives overview of what happened on Packaging so far
  • Bob retiring from TI, doing own consultancy, increased on Universities (undergrads), what's being tought is too primitive (just flashing lights) - Eclipse/CDT is the IDE of choice
    • Challenge: Must be 100% turnkey, would also like a book or a course
    • TI still interested, willing to support any educational effort with (free) hardware
    • Interested in some sort of real-time Kernel (not Linux) - to run e.g. on TI 16-bit processor
    • Fears that if package tries to be "everything for everybody" it won't hit the spot.
    • TI has existing CDT-based (old) toolset for 16-bit processor, could that be the base? - Will be used for 4-hour RTSC tutorial; includes a hosted simulator (faster than the hardware)
  • DougG: http://freertos.org
  • Eric: From TmL point of view, requires 32-bit processor running Linux
    • No resources at this point
  • Bob: BeagleBoard (150 USD)? - TI's OMAP device: http://beagleboard.org
  • Wayne: FireFly (mobile web), appreciate real turnkey platform (for Java EE) WebKit, Opera, ...
    • Genuitec has technology for packaging, installers
    • Single package or separate package for mobile web?
    • Mobile web could be Firefly + WTP + some debugging (JavaScript) on the target
    • New kinds of apps that leverage the web; might eventually go for EPP package
    • Intersted in packaging in the long run, e.g. multiple TmL simulated devices
  • Bob: Like kernel.org: Eclipse etc are just platforms - how to support individual entity to start a packaging (multiple vertically focused distros) - support other communities e.g. BeagleBoard
    • That's what we have today, nobody takes the initiative
    • distro-makers newsgroup?
  • DougS: Wascana, p2 technology, could be re-used;
    • CDT cross-platform EclipseCon tutorial (QEMU in CDT, changing QEMU, Debian Linux)
    • Only intends to do ZIP files
    • Atmel has Eclipse toolchain to sell with their silicon: It's hard to be vendor neutral when talking about HW
  • Dave Russo: RTSC to abstract the compiler toolchain
  • Martin 3 flavors based on EclipseCon tutorials - do we just need to setup a website for people to download ZIP files? And call it the "package makers' project"

RTSC / TI ok with uploading stuff

  • Doug CDT / Cross / QEMU: just wants to hand out DVDs, doesnt want to make his tutorial publicly available due to overhead/support cost - not interested in competing with Linux distro vendors
    • Doesn't see people contribute
    • Wascana going to download mingw directly from mingw site
  • Why isn't there an Eclipse distro from BeagleBoard.org ?
    • Bob: TI / g-forge basd server?
  • Dave: People are interested in single-source cross/native environment
    • Who could look at signing up for a site?

Action Items

  • Ok green.gif AI Bob to check for site until 3-4 weeks (want to be able to tell folks about site at EclipseCon)
  • AI Dave to check for legal implications of redistributing RTSC tutorial
  • Ok green.gif AI Martin to schedule next meeting in approx 4 week's time