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DSDP/Packaging/Meetings/Feb 26 2009

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  • Dave Russo, Bob Frankel, Martin Oberhuber, Eric Cloninger


  • Bob: Potentially got server, site etc
    • Prepare 1 slide for the server for the EclipseCon talk
      • Eclipse on the desktop; get compiler, debugger, RTSC, simulator etc all through p2
      • What's possible using Eclipse as component manager?
      • Rationale: There's a multitude of (similar) platforms -- where 1 compiler can be re-used for multiple platforms. Use p2 for managing this - "Platform Support Packages"
      • Take the RTSC tutorial stuff as initial contents
      • Problem: TI is not on the latest Eclipse / CDT ... perhaps the packaging will motivate silicon vendors to move to the latest
  • Dave: in Open Source, have "just the basics" to have something working, but including the Platform - starting with MSP430. Vendors to go beyond that.
    • BeagleBoard might be the next step, hopefully get some community support for that
  • Bob: Delivering content isn't the problem.
    • How modular / pluggable are the vendor specific Eclipse / CDT debuggers today? Atmel, TI, ... a "call to arms" for the CDT community can debuggers be installed side by side in the CDT?
    • Multi-context support: proprietary today, simple in Open source... improved workflows to happen later
  • Initial step: TI's Code Composer Essentials as base, only pull little stuff from the extra site
    • Eclipse 3.2 + CDT ?.? -- the only way to get the very specific debugger needed for this platform
  • Bootstrapper to be "quite complete" in the beginning; reduce bootstrapper / increase downloaded stuff in the longer term
    • Martin: How to come up with the rules for the PSP's ? - Dave and Bob to come up with rules by doing it once
    • Who to do the bundling?
    • How to write up instructions such that the Community can do the bundling?
  • What do we want to have at EclipseCon:
    • Basic infrastructure for the Community: Wiki, mailinglist, bugzilla, ...
    • Can that be on Eclipse? - Problematic: Project creation takes 3 weeks ... DSDP incubator? What if the entire charter is creating stuff that cannot be hosted at Eclipse.org?
  • Giving the right impressions
  • Bootstrapping the Community
  • Who can drive this?
    • Martin is resource constrained
    • Dave might have conflict of interest
    • Bob wants to wait (3 months) before becoming an official lead
    • Martin can be the frontman but can't drive this
  • Bob: http://sysbios.org - should become the site for getting ready-made contents
  • Want a sourceforge project? The activity for tooling the site might be on a different place

Action Items

  • Ok green.gif AI Martin to talk to Doug about Eclipse project
  • Ok green.gif AI Martin send sf Wascana url, and talk to DougS
  • Ok green.gif AI Bob create slide for ECon talk
  • AI Dave gather data about ripping TI's stuff apart to using Eclipse 3.5