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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 5-Oct-2006

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Thursday October 5, 2006 at 9am EDT
US Toll free: 866-707-5108
Int'l or US Toll: +1-517-386-9625
Passcode: 6040654 #


  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM
  • Stanley Gambarin
  • Craig Setera
  • Petri Virtanen, Nokia
  • Rauno Seppälä, Nokia
  • Arto Laurila, Nokia
  • Rodrigo Pastrana, IBM
  • Others



- M2 build done on Monday 2nd Oct

- Between M1 and M2 bug fixes and enhancements done. Also documentation improved

- Arto mentioned that SDK management is enhanced and asked comments. No comments.

- Petri mentioned that checkpoint review material creation is started but no date agreed.

- Kevin said that we should request date soon because it may take time. He said that product is not mandatory to be ready to launch when approval is received.

AP Petri: Request a time for review

- Before release we need to fix buges and improve documentation.

- We still have one legal issue with Nokia components, which are not yet approved by DSDP PMC and eclipse foundation. At the moment two components are delivered from Nokia site and not part of the MTJ delivery. There was a discussion that we should remove the whole provider if it is not full.

- Kevin and Craig said that deployment is not mandatory for MTJ and tool for deployment to Nokia devices could be downloaded from Nokia site.

- It was still seen that deployment feature is a good feature and would be great to have it in MTJ when we can deliver it as a full.

- Petri provided a summary about documentation actions

- users guide fixes ongoing, we need to update it based on final UI
- there will a meeting with technical writer on next Tuesday
- developer guide started based on material from Arto
- javadocs will be generated. Petri will send invitation for review


- Petri explained a situation with bug management area

- at the moment no good and agreed process exist
- We have started actions to improve bugzilla to have correct owners and categories
- Kevin asked all to provide comments to proposed bug process in Wiki
- Arto and Kevin highlighted that all should be active to comment bugs

- Petri promised to fix Wiki link in main page immediately after Rauno has said that all content. That work is ongoing.

- Kevin asked about the bug releted to UEI SDK only support. He wants to see that there is an option to add other type of SDKs also. We are not going to do a provider for other types but if some vendor is doing a provider it should be usable. IBM is having problems in their internal project because of this. Arto said that he is having a proposal for this.

- Kevin mentinoned other bug related runtime platform naming, which causing problems AP Arto: promised to check the bug above

- We discussed about the bug that Petri has reported. Kevin promised to check it also. Also Arto promised to check.

AP All: please check the release 2 feature list and provide comments using mailinglist

- Next call will be Thursday the 19th of October.

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