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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 3-May-2006

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday May 3, 2006 at 9am EST
US Toll free: 866-707-5108
Int'l or US Toll: +1-517-386-9625
Passcode: 6040654 #


  • Kevin Horowitz - IBM
  • Dave Bevis - IBM
  • Arto Laurila - Nokia
  • Stanley Gambarin - Apogee
  • 1 unannounced caller


1) Eclipse Legal Approval.

a) IBM has been approved for the current code submissions.
b) Nokia feels that they will be approved very soon. There are a few classes of code that were done by contractors to Nokia that failed testing, and those classes will not be included in the code submission.
c) EclipseME is the bigger issue. Legal approval might impact our summer release. We feel that we replacing relevant EclipseME code will jeopardize delivery, but waiting for approval will probably also jeopardize delivery. We will discuss the impact of delaying release next call.
d) We also discussed that we feel that we should have our code in the Eclipse public CVS for some amount of time before declaring release. That might delay release, but we should not release code when it has not had time to have public visibility

2) Export/Milestone build

a) Arto is looking at fixing the plug-ins so hat all classes are in jar file, and the output will be correct. He expects to have this working by Friday so that we can have a binary export. A build person will then look after the code.

3) Follow up to email question from Kevin. The static code that defines the NDS devices was build using the EMF editor. Mina is working on the device preferences page is being refractored this week, and it should be able to be used to define devices next week.

4) Test person

- there is 1 external person working on test cases. The person is still analyzing components. They hope to get status next week. Test is still building up a system for test purposes.

5) Documentation

a) Arto thanking IBM for updating test cases, and the Security layer doc. He hopes to have doc from Nokia included in the model definitions so that there is a single set of documents from them.

6) 3rd party review

Need to get information from Arto. I have that you gave the design/code to a 3rd party and they like what we have. Their only concern was to see if we can do all that is there.

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