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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 29-April-2008



Ken Wallis, Research in Motion

   Manager:  JDE  plugin, MDS studio

Samir Nigam, Sybase

   Technical Director Development tooling product.  Interested in MTJ to support Application Development for Devices

Eric Hildum, Motorola Hugo Raniere, Motorola, Cesar Diego Sandin, Motorola, Cesar


Overview (Eric)

  • Current re-basing of MTJ on EclipseME under way. Code committed, current parallel IP in progress.
  • Plan to target Eclipse "simultaneous release" in summer 2009.

Overview (Christian)

  • All CQ's are submitted and in parallel IP stage

  • Currently CQ status:
    • Approved:
      • Jetty, ASM, Antlr
    • Under (parallell) Review, checked in:
      • Truezip, EclipseME,
    • Currently under discussion/review:
      • API-Generator


  • (Samir) Does MTJ support "heterogeneous devices" for development: Will MTJ maintain this functionality? YES, we will maintain this UEI compliance.
  • (Samir) Will there be preprocessing support: This is currently being worked on. This is affected by the ANTLR

Gather feedback and usecases from community

Samir intended use case summary:

Sybase needs tooling platform for developer (external) to create mobile applications. Eg. customers of Sybase who want to create applications accessing databases etc.

Is it possible to build (and sign) for multiple targets from one project. (have one build create multiple targets) Eric: Possible today - but requires manual Antlr setup

Ken intended use case Summary:

MTJ users can create RIM applications. Specify target for compilation, leverage emulator platform.

Issues of general topic

Backward compatibility from EclipseME to MTJ

  • Samir, Ken: Not too high priority, but would be nice to have, to improve the adoption
  • Hugo: Import wizard (EclipseME -> MTJ) is important, and not too difficult to do.

Possible future work in MTJ team: Suggest UEI improvements Possible new requirements from:

  • MIDP 3.0
  • CDC
  • RIM
  • eRCP

Next Steps

Hugo: - Plan to release nightly build - Move some of the EclipseME bugs to Eclipse Bugzilla. Coordinate with Craig how to proceed

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