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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 20-October-2009


Call-in Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Time And Date
US Toll free: +1-877-825-8522
Int'l or US Toll: +1-702 495-1500
China North: 10800 7130937
China South: 10800 1300921
Brazil: 0800-891-6634
Passcode: 9190565826#

Proposed Agenda

Roll Call

  • Diego
  • Gustavo
  • David
  • Christian

Current Business

Welcome New Committers

  • Status for John Dearden
  • Chinese Documentation?

Planning for Helios Release TODOs

- improve SDK importing API -- extend several interfaces

- preverification?

- localization data entry UI could be improved (tree vs. table views)

Things which could break 1.0 API compatibility

- clean up and publish "delete SDK" API for (compatibility break)

- Think about when we can break the "I-Device" API. Would definitly break MTJ 1.0 backward compatibility.

Look at EDL license, determine which code should be distributed as EDL

- sample code for e.g sdk implementers, e.g. UEI implementation --- talk with Craig about license change

Move of Pulsar components to Sequioya project

Headline text

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