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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 20-Apr-2006

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday April 20, 2006 at 9am EST
US Toll free: 866-707-5108
Int'l or US Toll: +1-517-386-9625
Passcode: 6040654 #


  • Rodrigo Pastrana - IBM
  • Petri Virtanen - Nokia
  • Craig Setera - EclipseME
  • Stanley Gambarin - Apogee


- Petri presented the status

- Documentation resources agreed. Work starts after next week and first there will be a review for a table of contents
- test planning started. At the moment 1 person from Nokia allocated, second is starting mid may. Test case tempate sent for review (Arto and Kevin)
- We need to get bitmaps for the MTJ. Graphical designer in place and need collection ongoing. We will utilize existing images from Nokia, IBM and EclipseME with modifications as much as possible. Craig verified that it is ok to use EclipseME graphics.
- Development ongoing in Nokia internal CVS be because due diligence. Development is progressing but bit slowly.
- We were not able to meet Milestone 1 schedule but it is still possible to keep release 1 deadline (June 2006)
- Nokia hasn't heard anything from due diligence related to Nokia code
- Nokia has progsedded in Deployment, SDK management and runtime management areas. And is also started studies related to visual designer.

- IBM hasn't heard anything from IBM part in due diligence

- Craig has analyzed the EclipseME code for due diligence but we haven't heard any further instructions from them. That will be checked.

- Rodrigo has check in signing code to Nokia CVS

- Craig is doing changes to pre-prosessing in EclipseME and he believes that can be a good base for MTJ. There should be a version during the month.

- MTJ will be presented in JavaONE

- Stanley ask how to get access to the Nokia CVS. Petri promised to check if that is possible.

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