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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 2-Nov-2005

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday November 2, 2005 at 9am EST
US Toll free: 888-227-9220
Int'l or US Toll: +1 719 785 4480
Passcode: 464169 #


  • David Reich, Kevin Horowitz, Fernando Concha - IBM
  • Mika Hoikkala, Arto Laurila, Jesper Aaen, Steven Novakovich - Nokia
  • Craig Setera - EclipseME
  • Thomas Bailey, Tomas Carlström, Yury Onischuk, Erik Starck - Sony Ericson
  • Fred Grott


1- Introductions.

2- Level set on directions and where this MTJ project is trying to go, and where we are now. Mika (Nokia) is the overall PM for the project, and is working with Eclipse to move the project to approved. We've gotten some god activity on the newsgroup, and documented interest. Mika is working on the process and will provide more next week on what/when we can expect.

3- EclipseCon 2006 - Craig (EclipseME) has submitted a proposal for a talk, and we discussed if there should be one combined talk, or two separate ones. Consensus is that I (Dave) will submit a talk on MTJ, and we'll have Craig's there too. If both get accepted, we will develop a couple of common charts to use in both that describe how we're working together and how we go from here. If only one gets accepted, we can figure out how/if to combine them.

4- Discussion on the Emulator topic. UEI is a de facto standard, and a number of folks are using it, but it has many legal ramifications because of the fact it is not "open" in the JCP or any other body. Sun licenses it, but what would we be able to ship open source to support it under these restrictions? Nokia continues to work with/on Sun to resolve.

In the meantime, we are going to look at a higher level interface, like an eXtensible Emulator Interface (XEI?) that we can define and control and enhance, and support UEI as a client underneath it, so those with UEI emulators can work underneath us, and those wanting more function than UEI can provide, can code emulators right to XEI. A question for resolution is are there any license problems associated with shipping UEI support in Eclipse given it's proprietary nature to Sun? Needs to be tackled by a legal person - need to follow up here.

5- Use case discussion. This has been occurring on this news group, and we talked about some items around it and the best way to continue. Fred offered to look into setting up a WIKI for ongoing discussion and we can see how we want to store the repository of documents we come up with for this. I believe the CVS system would be the right place for it, and approved committers will be able to update it, and anyone can see it, with it being open source.

6- Thomas Bailey of SonyEricsson said that SE would also like to contribute/commit code to this project, and they have to work through their internal mgt before stating more precisely how much could be committed here.

7- As per a posting on the newsgroup today, looks like Fred Grott is interested in contributing code as well.

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