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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 14-Dec-2006



  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM
  • Craig Setera, EclipseME
  • Arto Laurila, Nokia
  • Rauno Seppälä, Nokia
  • Stanley Apogee



Let's fill in Target Milestones to wiki Release 2 Planning in order to see the content for M1. If it looks there isn't feasible content, we may consider to reschedule M1 or merge it with M2.

Status of feature list

Release 2 Planning has been cleaned and added a new field: Target Milestone. Purpose of it is to plan milestone contents

Status of use cases

UI Designer UCs have been reformulated, that is, everything can be found from one page

Content of M1

Let's start to plan via Release 2 Planning using Target Milestone field.


Agreed approach: MTJ community starts discussion with three open source parties:

  • EclipseME (Craig Setera) [1]
  • Antenna (Jörg Pleumann)[2]. Jörg has already stated his interest towards MTJ.
  • AntME (Kevin Hunter)[3],

with an idea to reuse code from them and provide noncommercial fragmentation solution.

For commercial parties MTJ will provide APIs and support to make their own plugins.


Arto needs help for UI planning (Runtime Platform), and will prepare a summary that highlights weak areas.

JavaPolis - Arto's short online report

  • How to combine EE projects with MTJ?
  • How to support different vendor's emulators?

Jörg Pleumann from Antenna [4] is interested in to participate to MTJ

Craig's fragmentation document to Wiki page -> AP: Rauno

Let's discuss open issues via mailing list before next meeting

Next meeting

  • Next one on the 11th of January, 2007 due to holiday season

Action Points


AP: Rauno to put Craig's fragmentation document to Wiki page
AP: Arto to provide a summary of areas that he needs help


AP: Kevin to provide Use Cases. ONGOING
AP Rauno: Provide two weeks commenting time for UI and Flow Designer cases, then officially approve them. ONGOING:
This will continue as readabilty of wiki pages wasn't good enough.
AP: Rauno to clean extra comments from feature list wiki page. CLOSED
AP: Rauno to reformulate UI Designer Use Case pages. CLOSED
AP: Rauno to make a summary of all these to mailing list (conferences). CLOSED

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