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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 12-Jun-2007


Meeting Time/Phone number Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday June 13th, 2007 at 10am EST
US Toll free: +1-877-421-0030
Int'l or US Toll: +1-770-615-1247
Finland: +358-972519061
Passcode: 6040654 #


  • Craig Setera - Project Contributor/Advisor
  • Kevin Horowitz - Project Committer


Craig has done some updates to EclipseME that will be useful to us. Antenna has done updates and relicensed under a dual GPL/EPL license, and with this license, we may be able to look at antenna as a preprocessor.

Kevin is fixing bugs. He checked in fixes related to the launching code (broken externally), and to SDK issues. He plans to work next on fixing the SDK issues in the project (static data), where changing the runtime platform does not make changes to the project. This was supposed to be completed by Arto in February, but does not work in the current code. Next he will work on MIDP 2.1 changes. There needs to be a change to handle the MIDP-2.1 value in the JAD file. This change is in the Specification, but not in the changelog, so it was missed in the initial review. Then he will work on testing and discovering new functionality to make sure that they work properly.

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