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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 6-November-2007

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Location & Time

Tuesday, October 30rd, 10:30 AM (EDT)
1 hour


Ted, Pawel, Veenu, Marc, Francois

Topics/Bugs to cover

  • IDMContext refactoring - :-( Still on hold as the entire Wind River team is fixing commercial and DSF UI bugs
  • Expression Service View
    • Error handling fixed: now we show GDB's message: unable to create variable
    • Error result is not cached. So the expression view will cause the evaluation to be sent to GDB every time.
    • View Model cache will cache the error as well.
    • Remove expression doesn't work.
    • When multi-selecting, detail pane shows information for each expression: it is confusing. Marc to file a bug.
    • When showing an array or struct in expression view, the value is shown in the view. When the expression is selected, the service tries to evaluate this value in all the radixes.
      • When looking at an array in expression view, the address could be shown for the value OR the address size could be shown: Marc will decide.
  • Modules service
    • GDB doesn't have commands to list symbols for a particular module. Modules view should match capabilities of GDB.
    • Icons: copy from CDT
    • Need detail pane for Modules view.
  • Breakpoint service update
  • Views precedence-dependencies on Debug view
  • Breakpoints service
    • Split breakpoint service into two and started implementing the lower level service.
  • Testing

Outstanding Action Items

  • CompositeDMContext (206832) - We all agree. Pawel will take this bug and make the consistent change in all layout nodes.

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