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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 2-October-2008

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Location & Time

Thursday, October 2nd, 10:30 AM (EDT)


  • Randy, Pawel (Wind River)
  • Marc (Ericsson)

Topics/Bugs to cover

  • CDT summit
  • Bug 248734 Simplify context hierarchy
  • IProcesses.runNewProcess() and IProcesses.debugNewProcess()
    • both need to know which commandControl
    • is debugNewProcess() meant to start the program? Because we may need to do other things before, like setting breakpoints
  • Bug 241317 GDBControlDMContext should be adapted for multi-process
    • How to send the --thread or -thread-select when only the process is specified
    • Cannot send the --thread or -thread-select before the process is started
  • Memory blocks and multi-process
  • IBackend service vs ICommandControl service

Outstanding Action Items

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