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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 12-June-2008

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Location & Time

Tuesday, June 12th, 10:30 AM (EDT)


Dominique, Marc, Francois (Ericsson), Pawel, Randy, Ted, Doug S. (Wind River)

Topics/Bugs to cover

  • Ted: Release schedule.
    • Yes, RC4 should be the release candidate
    • Just to verify, we should keep building 1.0 branch daily until we build against the release version of the projects.
    • Will generate new JavaDocs based on the release code.
  • Dominique: API to find current source line in the program (for model-level debugging)
    • TODO: Add a link to run control and stack frames interface javadocs.
  • Dominique: Reverse debugging.
  • Marc/Francois: Different GDB/MI versions (command factory?)
    • We decided to add a command factory pattern to allow to hide minor differences in command format.
    • Factory does not solve behavior changes such as addition of pending breakpoints.
    • For protocol changes greater than what can be handled by the command factory. Two approaches:
    • Two design approaches:
      • Have different versions (sub-classes) of the services, which can share a common base class with common functionality.
      • Have a single service implementation which is aware of different protocol versions.
    • We do need a mechanism for managing different versions of GDB to allow different contributors to add support for different GDB versions.
  • Pawel: Multi-threaded PDA
    • Francois is also implementing multi-threading support to GDB right now.
  • Marc: Remote debugging (e.g., different target requirements)
  • Marc: Support for proprietary backends

Outstanding Action Items

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