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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 11-March-2008

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Location & Time

Tuesday, March 11th, 10:30 AM (EDT)
  • Dial In - (888) 545-8370 , International: (770) 659-3936, passcode: 5107492128#
1 hour


  • Pawel, Francois, Ted, Denis Pilat, Marc, Randy

Topics/Bugs to cover (copied from last weeks canceled meeting

  • ST Micros Multi-context Project:
    • Based on current sources in CVS.
    • Extending MI-protocol: prepending an identifier string before every command which identifies which core the command is intended for.
      • Extended MIContainerDMContext to contain the core identifier.
      • Extended MICommand or MICommandControl to add the core name to the MI command identifier.
      • Extended DsfMIParser class to parse the context to look for the core identifier.
      • Modified the DsfMIResult, DsfMIAsyncRecord objects to include the core identifier.
      • CommandCache.isTargetAvailable() needed to be extended to support multiple contexts.
      • MICommandControl needed to be modified to track multiple processors (current stack frame, current thread).
      • Implemented GDB/MI new process notification events, corresponding to a patch submitted to GDB.
      • Modified MIVariableManager to work with multiple containers:
        • In MIRootVariableObject added an MI Core context.
    • Found a few bugs in DSF during multi-core development.
  • EclipseCon presentation
    • Francois: Was able to follow exercises.
    • Francois: There's no exercise in the timers example, which would be valuable.
    • Francois: not enough time
    • Ted: tutorial needs a conclusion, "next steps"
    • Ted: Line numbers are missing in some examples.
    • Ted: exception handling is not discussed.
    • Randy: at the end, property provider aspect is somewhat too brief.
  • Generic Disassembly (not quite out of 1.0)?
    • Options
      1. Wait for Mikhails disassembly. Write adapters for it. Risk is that it's very fresh code.
      2. CDI disassembly. Implement large parts of standard debug model. Risk is that we would stub a lot of API, which could lead to bugs.
      3. Re-use the Wind River disassembly, but change it for DSF/GDB/CDT. Converting it to open source plugin and checking in, converting it to use CDT breakpoints and with CDT actions. Risk: low. We may never switch to Mikhail's view.
    • Francois: cutoff date on deciding on Mikhail's disassembly view
    • CDT bug for implementing the Disassembly editor: bug 196064
  • Question about plugin names.
  • Persisting contexts (bug 214546) (Francois)
  • Memory block retrieval for multiple address spaces (bug 221185) (Francois)
  • Separating launch plugin (Marc)
  • Dividing Launch sequence into DSF services and MI commands (Marc)
  • Team project set (Tobias)

Outstanding Action Items

  • Pawel to look at CDT changes need to show global variables. bug 208921
  • Marc to take ownership of the stack service.
  • Pawel to add linking of testing page to release notes to the testing process.
  • Denis to present the modification done in DSF to support multi-process

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