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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 04-December-2007

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Location & Time

Tuesday, December 4th, 10:30 AM (EDT)
1 hour


Topics/Bugs to cover

  • Meet in Montreal in January/February? - Keep the option open, but we don't have a compelling reason right now to schedule this meeting.
    • Considering DSF for use in CDT.
    • Where to next (post Ganymede)?
    • Final list of things to do before release.
    • Veenu not able to attend.
    • 'Focus on DSF-UI'
  • Non-UI TODOs
    • Disassembly service (dependency on new CDT disassembly view, instruction stepping actions...).
    • Signals?
    • Launching
  • CDT Breakpoints extension 211533
  • Modules
    • Need to modify the IModules context
    • ISymbolDMContext -> ISymbolSpaceDMContext
    • Detail pane needs to call the executor before calling the service.
    • Scalability is going to be an issue for GDB
  • Registers
    • The caching problem is the only main issue.
    • Need to be able to set format (from the view menu).
    • No need to show "actual type" column.
    • Need to be able to create custom groups - create a bug.
  • Expressions -var-info-expression-path
    • Discuss in the bug.

Outstanding Action Items

  • Pawel to look at CDT changes need to show global variables. bug 208921
  • Marc to take ownership of the stack service.

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