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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 31-July-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 31 July 2008.


  • David
  • Jason
  • Srinivas
  • Jimmy (definitely not lurking)
  • JT (lurking)
  • Hubert
  • Ali
  • Leonard
  • Jack


  • Status update on i12 candidate build
    • All P1 and P2 enhancements complete
    • No P1 or P2 defects and 100% test attempt. Any exceptions require Community discussion and PMC sign-off.
    • Test results posted; All exceptions reviewed before deferral/discharge


  • QA on target and should complete testing by next Wednesday. TODO: Team leads need to ensure Bugzilla is up to date for i13.
  • Martin: missing a MDR for the demo that includes security and uses a different SOAP version. Could create example MDR that requires security and SOAP 1.1. Could build on that later to add extra security stuff. QA might be doing limited testing, but not real testing of security without this. TODO: Martin to create ER for this.
  • TODO: David to follow up with Ruth on summit and deadline for designs. Once this is decided, designs need to be created and ERs added to i13 plan page.
  • Jimmy asked if we needed more SML tooling testing. David said the non UI stuff is well covered, but suggested that we can use some help in implementing bugzilla 175382, which would also help our QA coverage and would allow someone to get exposure to the SML tooling. TODO: others (QA?) to consider helping on this.
  • Martin asked Hubert about the translation of CMDBf queries to SQL investigation. Hubert says we haven't done anything with it, and hasn't gotten any feedback on the information he presented. Martin mentioned that there are CMDBf queries that can't be represented in SQL, and said it would be nice to be able to warn the user about those cases. Martin proposed to extend the query builder to support the building of CMDBf query given the use of relational database and the use of SQL. Hubert suggested the a translator between SQL and CMDBf query is possible. Hubert also commented on the use of the query builder that CMDBf query syntax should not be exposed in the UI. We need predefined queries to be able to accept parameters and form the query dynamically.
  • The feeling is that this should be very high on our list of post COSMOS 1.0. TODO: David to create wiki page to capture our post COSMOS 1.0 priorities.
  • David mentioned the need for a simplified query builder that handles the common cases, so the end user doesn't require a full knowledge of CMDBf's model for ad-hoc queries. Discussed offline with Sheldon, and he agreed. TODO: Sheldon to create ER for doing this post-1.0.

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