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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 30-Jan-08


  • Mark Weitzel
  • Hubert Leung
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Tania Makins
  • David Whiteman
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Jack Devine
  • Don Ebright
  • Jimmy "The Godfather of Cosmos" Mohsin
  • Dominica Gjelaj
  • Paul Stratton
  • John Todd
  • Sheldon Lee Loy


i9 integration build: status report on our first targeted build (10 min)

There is a first build available and this should work on Linux. We will smoke test these builds.

[First i9 Build]

QA Discussion carry over from Monday's summit [QACriteria]

[Overall QA Enhancement]

[ER for Tracking testing in i9]

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