Cosmos Architecture Meeting 29-August-08

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These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 29 August 2008.


  • David
  • Paul
  • Sheldon
  • Hubert
  • Leonard
  • Jimmy
  • Ali


  • Around the room


  • Sheldon had previously asked Srinivas to test latest build. Srinivas reported most of the issues are resolved. Two outstanding issues reported were and Since his report, 244689 has been fixed. TODO: Leonard will try to look at 238345 by Tuesday.
  • We were looking at the link to see i13 open bugs to determine what is left to be done. Most of the items should be retargeted as i14 or future. TODO: team leads to clean up their component bug lists for i13.
  • There is an open item regarding Axis2, but Hubert can't do anything until legal issues are resolved. TODO: Hubert to follow up with Ruth.
  • There are some open legal issues with Dojo. TODO: Sheldon to follow up with Ruth, and to provide more info to Eclipse IP on IPZilla entry.
  • We discussed the ER related to documenting operational guidelines for cosmos. TODO: Jimmy to take over.
  • Meeting next Friday to determine critical sections and those requiring updates, and sections to be removed. TODO: David to set up.