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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 28-Feb-07

Don Ebright

Marius Slavescu

Sheldon Lee Loy

Ali Mehregani

Craig Thomas

Joel Hawkins

Valentina Popescu


  • Demo is on track for the conference.
  • Don & Joel have been discussing architecture for data collection and have some deliverables outlined and a working document pretty far along. the community call tomorrow is a good time to discuss roadmap outline, issues for the roadmap.
  • The data collection members will meet tomorrow and Don will post meeting time/agenda to the

General discussion:

  • Do we have a build? There was a short discussion about the build but Don did not recall the details. The sml-if & validators are being built but the rest is not.
  • We need to get the build & instructions on how to get the builds from the website.
  • When will the various project plan, deliverables be rolled up as part of an overall project view? The answer is during the planning sessions which will take place next week at EclipseCon. We have scheduled time to review individual project plans as part of planning sessions. We seem to be going from a bottom's up approach. When will we have a top down view?
  • The downloads link on the website is broken. Need to let Richard know this.

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