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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 26-June-08


  • David W.
  • Mark W.
  • Ali
  • Sheldon
  • Hubert
  • Paul
  • Martin
  • JT
  • Bill
  • Jack
  • Jimmy

Agenda for June 26 Meeting

  • i11 Status
  • What name will we use for the tooling? Proposed: "MDR Toolkit"
  • Firefox 3.0: Define if this will be a supported platform
  • Discuss Reporting Feature 237655
  • New Use Cases
    • Continue Discussing Notification Broker 212293
    • Continue Discussing "Query for a list of MDR’s and their Meta Data " 231343


  • i11 Status
    • Done with all blocking issues.
    • Smoke testing done. Everything completed. This is the i11 GA.
    • We will tag CVS then open the i12 stream.
    • The demo i11 page still not updated. This is the e2e demo page. Hubert will look at this. Srinivas will annotate the page to give some guidance to Hubert. The install guide should be in sync with this page. Paul will look at the install guide.

  • What name will we use for the tooling? Proposed: "MDR Toolkit"
    • We agree on "MDR Toolkit"

  • Firefox 3 will not be a supported platform in 1.0. We will revisit this issue in 1.1.

  • Discuss Reporting Feature 237655
    • Must be able to support the dynamic association of the reports/views to an MDR based on the metadata.
    • Need to demonstrate the value of this approach

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