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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 21-Feb-08


  • Mark Weitzel
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Tania Makins
  • David Whiteman
  • Don Ebright
  • Sheldon Lee Loy
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Paul Stratton
  • Hubert Leung
  • Jimmy "The Godfather of Cosmos" Mohsin
  • Srinivas
  • Dominica Gjelaj
  • Jack Devine


Bug Number Sev Status Recommendation
219720 blo We think this is a good to go. Recommend approval.
219721 blo Issue with the proposed fix. We are not sure if this fix is correct. Sheldon and Martin will investigate together. However, this is a show stopper. Recommend approval.
219724 maj There is a work around for this so we can move this to i10. Move to i10
216454 nor Showing the wrong attribute in the statistical data manager. Not a show stopper. Moving to i10. Move to i10
218189 nor Assigned to future so not an i9 issue. Leave in future
219629 nor Not a show stopper. Moving to i10. Also applies to Bill's widget's, but a new bug will be opened for that. Move to i10
219723 nor Selecting a target node does not populate the sub tree. Recommend approval.
219728 nor Can't be reproduced on the command line client. Points to an environment setup issue. Assign to Hubert. Recommend approval.
219763 nor There is not user effect. Recommend approval.
219737 nor No code change. This is a one line configuration change only. Recommend approval.
219639 nor This prevents the generated project from working. Minor code change which avoids user editing of the web.xml file. Recommend approval.
219785 nor No java code. Build properties file change only. Recommend approval.
219797 nor This is a build problem and requires the directory for the SML repository included. Recommend approval.
219799 nor This program helps the user setup and configure the demo. Does not affect the main line code function, this is an end user helper. Recommend approval.
219807 nor Blocking bug. Exception with statistical report. Recommend approval.
205805 nor Discussed on community call. Confirmed decision to finish this work and include it in the build. Recommend approval.

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