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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 18-Oct-07


  • Ali Mehregani
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Hubert Leuyng
  • Sheldon Leeloy
  • David Whiteman
  • Maosheng Liang
  • Jack Devine


Update on user interface, esp. regarding boundary b/t DC and DV

  • Four new enhancements, include new broker view & MDR organization during meeting with Monica, Jack, Sheldon
  • Will also include a way to show the statistical report for non-MDR data sources. This will incorporate existing data stores
  • Generic XML viewer to facilitate MDRs that return "generic" XML
  • There will need to be some refactoring of the widgets that produce the XML binding logic (in data visualization services)
  • (Bill): Is there a relationship b/t the data manager and a view(s). This needs to be a loose coupling but could influence the programming model discussion.
    • Hubert will add this notion to the programming model discussion.

Initial discussion / requirements on security (COSMOS Design 205658)

Some initial thoughts.... we need hooks so that we can add on w/out breaking. Of course, this is a bit generic.

It's possible that each MDR (and its contained data source) will have its own security mechanism.

  • Will we have to manage credentials for each MDR?
  • Do we need to simply encrypt the pipe? What about authentication?

Muse concerned about transport security and will encrypt the pipe with SSL. Relies on WS-Security. Can allow access based on the capability of the model.

  • One approach may be to use the security credentials that comes in the ws-security header.

  • Based on the Muse implementation, the target date for this would be I9.

Initial discussion of programming model for data managers

Hubert discussed the beginning of the programming model here (COSMOS Programming Model).

We'll need to add the "Data Manager <-> Data Visualization" pattern that Bill identified in the call.

Showed how to incorporate the WSDM tooling.

The persistence mechanism of the MDR should be pluggable with a well defined API. The example in sandbox uses XML.

Should we add service group APIs to the Broker?

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