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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 15-October-08

Agenda for Oct 15 Meeting

  • Status of build (All)

The build is clean. There is a potential issue with the CMDBf toolkit, although this could be a configuration issue. Srinivas is investigating, and will determine if we need to open a bug.

  • Hardware configuration / deployment topology (Jimmy)

Jimmy is looking to include the deployment topology for the various components. This should be an update to the existing wiki page that documents this. Jimmy will post.

  • SDD Work (Jason)
    • SDD in the build. Bulk of work focused on generating SDDs. There is a wiki page that demonstrates how to use those.
    • There is an outstanding IPZilla for the removal of Tuscany. Does this jeopardize the 1.0 release? Making good progress on JAXB, but not far enough along to be prepared to remove it.

  • Prep for release review
    • Would like to have a call with the OASIS TC on SDD involvement.
    • Jimmy's talked with HP and BMC. Nothing at this point.

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