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Design Documents

  • Data Visualization 1.0 i10 Design Documents
ER Owner Sizing Importance
217303 Support partial registering and deregister configuration Items william.muldoon@ca.com 1.6 PW High
210134 COSMOS Programming Guide [UI Data Visualizatoin sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 2 PW High
220334 Additional Record Types for the Graph Reponse Viewer martin.simmonds@ca.com 1.2 PW High
214143 Predefined CMDBf Queries sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 2 PW Medium
214153 Data Visualization Customization - Customized CMDBf Query Builder sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 3.5 PW Medium
221554 Provide a simple view to show the service meta data from an MDR. sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 1.0 PW Medium
214158 Data Visualization Customization - Customized CMDBf Response sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 5.5 PW Low
215521 Visualizations are needed around the service metadata of MDRs sleeloy@ca.ibm.com 3.4 PW Low
215502 Provide UI for managing COSMOS components william.muldoon@ca.com Low
208604 Data Visualization Test Harness shivashankari.n@ca.com Low

Design Concepts

Data Visualization Development Environment Information