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Corona Design SystemContainer

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The SystemContainer is a special type of ContextContainer. It is a singleton container used to facilitate the Corona system. Its contents define the Corona environment used for supporting the collaboration framework.

Repository Descriptors

Container Definitions

The set of known context containers are defined as RepositoryDescriptors within the SystemContainer. As context containers are added and removed from Corona, the set of RepositoryDescriptors within the SystemContainer will be updated.

Manager / Proxy

The container manager is used to control access to the SystemContainer. The manager is used by the Corona server and the proxy is used by clients to access container manager functionality.

The following class diagram is for illustration purposes. It does not contain, nor define, the actual set of methods provided by the SystemContainerManager.


Alternative proposal for the implementation
NOTE:Please note that all inherited classes inherits also the methods (because of lack of time not specified directly).

File:Jawpio1 ContainerManager.png I think SCM should only return SystemContainer object. The list of ContainerInfo can be created locally - faster to implement and simplifies SCM.

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