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Connecting to PostgreSQL 8.x

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PostgreSQL 8.x

DTP 1.0

DTP 1.0 has driver definitions and a sample connection profile for PostgreSQL. While the catalog loader is not complete, this should give enough content in the Data Source Explorer to be useful.

DTP 0.9.x

DTP 0.9.x does not have a separate PostgreSQL driver template. You can, however, override the values in another driver template to get what is needed here.

  • Choose any driver template from the list and override all values
  • Name the driver template "PostgreSQL 8.x"
  • Jar: postgresql-8.1-404.jdbc2.jar
  • Driver: org.postgresql.Driver
  • Database name: postgres
  • URL: jdbc:postgresql:postgres

(edit: URL: jdbc:postgresql:\\servername\databasename)

Next, create the connection profile:

  • Choose "SQL Model-JDBC Connection"
  • Give the profile an appropriate name, such as "PostgreSQL"
  • Choose the driver template you just created from the combo box
  • "Finish" to save the connection profile

Note that you might have to tweak these values for your case. Results in a partial tree in Data Source Explorer, and can be used with the SQL Editor.

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