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Configuration Item Registration Dialog

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Configuration Item Registration Dialog

Purpose: This dialog box provides the ability for users to register configuration items to a federating CMDB.

Cosmos regdialog12.jpg

Application can configure the Data Manager Navigator component to show this dialog box by selecting the "Register Configuration Items..." menu option. Typically, the user would right-click a federating CMDB that he/she wants to register configuration items. This would bring up a pop-up menu with an option to "Register Configuration Items...".

The dialog box presents the user with a list of MDRs that they can select. When the user clicks the "Register" button all the configuration items associated with the selected MDRs will be registered with the federating CMDB. A response is returned from the federating CMDB that indicates if the configuration items were registered successfully. The response is displayed to the user as a list of configuration items. The display also indicates if the registration request for each configuration item was approved or declined. This is illustrated below.

Cosmos responsedialog12.jpg

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