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Configuration Item DeRegistration Dialog

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Configuration Item DeRegistration Dialog

Purpose: This dialog box provides the ability for users to deregister configuration items to a federating CMDB.

Cosmos deregdialog12.jpg

It is possible to configure the Data Manager Navigator component so that this dialog box is shown when the user selects the "Deregister Configuration Items..." menu option. Typically, the user would right-click a federating CMDB that he/she wants to register configuration items. This would bring up a pop-up menu with an option to "Deregister Configuration Items...".

The dialog box presents the user with a list of MDRs that they can select. When the user clicks the "Deregister" button all the configuration items associated with the selected MDRs will be deregistered with the federating CMDB. A response is returned from the federating CMDB that indicates if the configuration items were deregistered successfully. The response is displayed to the user as a list of configuration items. The display also indicates if the deregistration request for each configuration item was approved or declined. This is illustrated below.

Cosmosi10 deresponsedialog12.jpg