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CVS search

CVS search
Possible mentors: Christopher Daniel, Tomasz Zarna
Related Project: Platform CVS
Description: The aim of this project is to provide a facility that will allow for searching commit comments. The facility should be able to scan selected CVS project, find commits that match specific query and present them using the Compare Editor.
Further information


In huge projects, developers sometimes tend to be confused by the quantity of commits to CVS repository. To document changes or describe a commit, comments are used. To quickly find a commit that is interesting for developer, we should have a search feature (integrated with Eclipse's search dialog) that is able to scan all the commit comments and presents search results in a pleasant way.

Llist of ideas for this summer

1. Integration with Eclipse's search feature.

2. One should be able to enter a regular expression in search dialog.

3. Modular architecture, so in future part of the code can be reused by external version control plugins.

4. File name filtering feature.

5. It should be possible to select files (from navigator or package explorer view) which ought to be included in search (it makes sense since in CVS every file is versioned separately).

6. Although regular expressions are powerful, maybe it would be reasonable to have other (simplier) query "languages" to choose from:

- a simple one ("DOS era" ;-) ) with two symbols: ? - which stands in for any single letter and * - which stands for many (or no) letters

- a google search engine like one

7. For a single file (or maybe a group of files) it should be possible to enter a range of revisions which should be included in search (by default all of them - but it can take too much time)

8. 'Search' view could be used to show results summary.

9. Search only tagged revisions.

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