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CVS Search

This document is the public proposal of the "CVS Search" project. You are welcome to write comments and edit document.

Full detailed proposal which I submitted through Google Summer of Code system is HERE.


CVS Search project will provide searching commit comments. Search mechanism will allow some criterias like date and committer. This facility will scan selected resources' CVS repositories and show matching commit entries in the search result module. The facility will provide comparing and creating patch of an old commit for local code.


I have heard of this kind of feature request for Eclipse a few times. I found that people have published searching some text within commit comments in command line. They list all of the comments for a particular resource and filter them with grep. I am sure there is more user friendly programs doing this with a nice GUI. Currently, patch mechanism does not allow us to create patches for older revisions. It creates diff output between current local code and current revision. It will be good to create diff output between current local code and an older revision I think, this is a good improvement for Eclipse CVS plugin.


Images below can show what will be developed. Users will open the search dialog and select CVS Search tab. User will enter search-text, define other criterias. Result will be shown in the search view. User will have the chance to open compare editor directly. An indexing mechanism will be implemented for better performance. Another scope of the project is, creating patch for an old revision. This feature will generate diff output for current code and selected revision.

Cvs search proposal 1.gif

Cvs search proposal 2.gif

(Thanks to Krzysztof Daniel for images)

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